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Current Grant Application and Process

Grant Funds support public or private high schools in Oregon that commit to provide educational opportunities in the field of Forestry. These Forestry Programs of Study focus on instruction that will integrate the subject areas of wood products, silviculture, harvesting, fisheries, wildlife, water, soils, recreation, and management of other forest-related natural resources of Oregon and provide students with related career and leadership development.

Preference is given to established programs (defined as providing at least 2 high school credits specific to Forestry). Developing programs (defined as those having less than 2 high school credits specific to Forestry at the time of application) are eligible to apply however consideration shall be given to those that are likely to develop into a sustainable program and/or those programs that demonstrate strong support and commitment from the community and school.

The ONREF Grant applicaiton is a simple applicaiton that provide the relevant information that will enable the ONREF Board of Directors to review your proposed project and/or activity.

 Typical grant range is $400 to $2,500 per grant. The ONREF advisory committee may combine funds in the event an applicant qualifies for more than one subfund.

Click on the links below do download the current ONREF Grant Application

ONREFA Grant Application

Distribution Guidelines


*** If your project is selected for funding you are expected to complete the Grant Evaluation - Final Report Form within 30 days of completing the project.